After their arrival at the Museum, the nodules were given inventory numbers and were classified into groups according to the iconographic motifs. Further criteria were introduced and developed by J. Raison and M. Pope in Index du linèair A (1971) and Index transuméré du linéaire A (1977). These were finally revised after the fundamental studies in GORILA and Hallager 1996 and 1999. The current system is based on the adoption of an abbreviation (such as HT Wa) which provides the fundamental information: place of origin, presence of seal impression and type of object.

The acronym HT refers to Haghia Triada (Ayia Triada), the place of origin (among other abbreviations, e.g. KN stands for Knossos, ZA for Zakros, MA for Mallia etc.). Wa indicates that this is a sealed object, a single-hole hanging nodule.

The W series includes, in fact, objects which bear seal impressions; while the capital letter Z is used to refer to those which bear no impressions.

The lowercase letter indicates the type of object (e.g. hanging nodule, flat-based nodule, roundel etc.).

Letters a, b, c, or α, β, γ, indicate the faces which bear seal impressions, or inscriptions (when inscriptions run on several lines these are indicated by ordinary numbers)


Za Inscriptions on stone objects
Zb Inscriptions on clay pottery
Zc Inscriptions painted on terracotta containers
Zd Inscriptions on stucco
Ze Inscriptions on stone walls (architectural elements)
Zf Inscriptions on metal objects
Zg Inscriptions on various objects


Wa single-hole hanging nodules
Wb flat-based nodules
Wc roundels
Wd two-hole hanging nodules
We “dome” noduli
Wf disk noduli (uninscribed noduli)
Wg direct object sealings
Wy miscellaneous documents

Table 1 based on Perna 2016, 97.



HT Wa 1014      HT Wa 1472        HT Wa 1176          HT Wa 1150        HT Wa 1294        HT Wa 1744


HT Wa 1014       HT Wa 1472        HT Wa 1176      HT Wa 1150        HT Wa 1294        HT Wa 1744
(AB 41 – AB 77)        (AB 81)                (AB 41)             (AB 28)                (AB 74)                 (A301)       


HT Wa 1542        HT Wa 1408        HT Wa 1407


HT Wa 1542        HT Wa 1408        HT Wa 1407
(AB 81)                (AB 77)              (AB 77)  


HT Wa 1559        HT Wa 1561        HT Wa 1560


HT Wa 1559        HT Wa 1561        HT Wa 1560
(AB 81)                (AB 81)              (AB 81)  

HT Wa 1512

HT Wa 1512 (AB 81)

HT Wa 1108

HT Wa 1108 (AB 02)


HT Wa 1759       HT Wa 1301


HT Wa 1759       HT Wa 1301
(A3011)               (AB 74)

HT Wa 1593

HT Wa 1593 (AB 81)

HT Wa 1779

HT Wa 1779 (A301)

HT Wa 1547

HT Wa 1547 (AB 81)

HT Wa 1283

HT Wa 1283 (AB 74)

HT Wa 1623

HT Wa 1623 (A301)

HT Wa 1830

HT Wa 1830 (A301)

HT Wa 1110

HT Wa 1110 (AB 02)

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