Dr. Serena Nicoli





            Specialization in Archaeology         Oct 2020 – present

          University of Salerno

            Degree in Eastern Mediterranean Archaeology

            Head of the School: F. Longo


            MA in Classical Archaeology                    Dec 2017 – Jul 2020

          University of Rome “La Sapienza”

            Tutors: A. Greco and M. Perna

            MA thesis on the function and iconography of

            Minoan clay-sealings from Hagia Triada (Crete)

            Mark: 110/110 with honours


            BA in Classical Studies                  Sep 2013 – Mar 2017

           University of Salento, Lecce

            Tutor: F. Silvestrelli

            BA thesis on the black-painted pottery from

            Temple B in the excavation of Campo della

            Fiera (Orvieto)

            Mark: 107/110


            High School Diploma                                 Sep 2008 – Jul 2013

           Liceo Classico “L. Villa”, Francavilla F.na (BR)

            Humanities and Classical Studies

            Mark: 97/100




            Archaeological Illustrator                                   Nov – Dec 2020

           Austrian Archaeological Institute at Athens

            Archaeological excavation at the site of

            Lousoi (Achaia, Peloponnesus) – dir. Ch. Baier

           Digitalization of stratigraphic drawings of the temple


           Archaeological Illustrator                                  Jul – Sep 2020

           Austrian Archaeological Institute at Athens

            Archaeological excavation at the site of

            Lousoi (Achaia, Peloponnesus) – dir. Ch. Baier

            Illustration and record of findings


            Archaeological Illustrator                       Dec 2018 – present

           National Etnographic Museum “Pigorini”, Rome

            Dir. A. Greco, E. Notti

            RTI acquisition and illustration of the clay-sealings from the excavation of Hagia Triada (Crete)


            Archaeological Illustrator                       Jul 2018 – Aug 2019

           SAIA- Universities of Rome, Salerno

            “Phaistos Project” (Crete)

            Dir. A. Greco, F. Longo

            Archaeological illustration and survey


            Archaeological Illustrator                                   Aug – Oct 2018

           Ephorate of the Antiquities of the Cyclades

            Archaeological Museum of Paroikia (Paros)

            Dir. Y. Kourayos

            Illustration of findings from the excavation

              Despotiko (Antiparos)





            Despotiko (Antiparos)                              May 2018 – Jul 2019

           Ephorate of the Antiquities of the Cyclades

            Archaeological excavation of the Sanctuary of

            Apollo at Despotiko – dir. Y. Kourayos

            Stratigraphic excavation, findings’ illustration and record.


            Paestum (Salerno)                                                 Sep 2018

           University of Salerno

            Archaeological excavation of the ancient

            Greco-Roman city of Paestum – dir. F. Longo

            Stratigraphic excavation, finding’s record.


            Campo della Fiera, Orvieto (TR)             Jul – Aug 2017

           University of Perugia

            Archaeological excavation of the Etruscan site

            Dir. S. Stopponi, M. Cruciani

            Stratigraphic excavation, findings’ record.


            Siris-Herakleia, Policoro (MT)                       Jun 2017

           EPHE – University of Rome “La Sapienza”

            Archaeological excavation of the ancient

            Greek city of Siris-Herakleia – dir. S. Verger, R. Pace

            Findings’ record and storage.


            Muro Tenente, Latiano (BR)                            Jul 2016

          Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

            Archaeological excavation of the ancient

            Messapian site – dir. R. Ann Kok, M. Merlino

            Stratigraphic excavation, findings’ record and storage.



            Italian           Native

            English          C1                  

            Greek             C1



            Adobe Illustrator – AutoCAD – Microsoft Office

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